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Enterprise Mobility Digest: April 2017

Blog 26 April 2017

Why mobility matters? Is your company ready for the knowledge worker? How to hold a meeting with a benefit to your career? Check our Enterprise Mobility Digest to find the answers!

11 Mobility Events for the Enterprise in 2017
Solutions Review prepared the list of events coming up for all your enterprise mobility and networking needs. And no, you’re not seeing double. Some of the event names are just very similar.

Employees Are Sharing Confidential Info at Alarming Rates
Results show that today’s workforce is caught between two imperatives: be productive and efficient on the job and maintain the security of company data. To address data security issues, companies must focus on educating employees and enforcing policies and procedures that secure data wherever they go, without hindering productivity. So far, they’re falling down on the job: A full 76% of employees feel their company prioritizes security at the expense of employee productivity.

Why mobility matters
Today, you can easily work outside, using a low-budget smartphone. It’s not a problem to check the email, answer a letter, edit a document. We continue working on Friday nights and on the weekends ‘cause productivity doesn’t depend on being in the office anymore, it’s more about a desire, energy, and the ability to make content, ideas, and activities. So, how to keep the enterprise data safe while working outside of the office?

Top Tips for Mobile Application Security
Enterprise mobile applications have achieved a certain level of ubiquity in the last ten years, finding their way into retail, manufacturing, finance, and just about everything else. This is great news for both developers and businesses, indicating the general utility of mobile applications in the workplace. It also hints that business grade mobile applications may have begun to paint a big red target on their back. Enterprises are now needing address a very serious question, “how do our applications stand against hackers?”

Is your company ready for the knowledge worker?
Automation continues to change the face of the global workforce by replacing repetitive function jobs and creating new, more sophisticated jobs. Those jobs require critical thinking, intuition, and organizational skills. In other words, those jobs require knowledge workers. So is your company ready for the rise of the knowledge worker?

WorksPad 3.5 – special tools for information security and enhanced platform support
MobilityLab LLC presents the most advanced approaches and technologies for the safe mobile work in the corporate network with the new version of the WorksPad solution. “WorksPad 3.5 encapsulates the research and unique inventions of Russian specialists that meet challenges in the field of information security on mobile devices,” – says Sergey Orlik, CEO of MobilityLab LLC. WorksPad 3.5 includes new information security tools that reduce the risk of information leakage and support centralized management using administration tools on WorksPad servers.

How to hold a meeting with a benefit to your career
Each of us at least once in a lifetime execrates long, tiresome and useless meeting that lasts for hours. However, if to approach the question thoughtfully, you can work the situation to the benefit and gain some points. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules.

8 great small business productivity and collaboration apps
Small business owners, whether working in a busy office, on the road or from home, can easily get distracted – and overwhelmed. From email (and text) messages bombarding their inboxes and smartphones, to having to stop what they are doing to attend meetings or put out fires, to the temptation to check social media, it can be hard – make that nearly impossible – to stay focused and complete tasks on time.

10 rules for IT discussions moderating
Discussion moderator is like a sailing master – only the skilled and clever professional can pass the pitfalls and lead the conversation between the Scylla of controversy and Charybdis of insult. Do you want the truth to spring from an argument? Then don’t fall for provocations and follow the rules.

Part 1: How cloud apps are making business more (and less) secure
Part 2: Strategies for securing mobile devices
Today, more than ever before, employees are working while on-the-go. The ease with which a worker can enjoy a coffee-café latte in one hand and click “send” with the other is made possible by the explosion of mobile devices and mobile cloud-based applications. According to IDC, more than 96.2 million mobile employees are taking advantage of the mobility offered by today’s technologies.

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