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What is the state of enterprise application development today? What trends are impacting enterprise mobility in 2017? What are the main mobility trends in Asia? Check our Enterprise Mobility Digest to find the answers!

RESEARCH: The state of enterprise application development today
Gartner predicts that market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver it through 2021 and that one out of every three new B2E mobile apps will fail within six months of launch by 2019. So, in order to better understand these challenges and the overall state of application development, OutSystems conducted fourth annual survey of IT professionals. More than 3,200 respondents from over 40 countries and 28 industry segments participated in the research. Here are the seven key findings that will impact every IT professional from the CTO to front line developers.

5 trends impacting enterprise mobility in 2017
Recent reports state the BYOD and enterprise mobility market size is estimated to grow from $35.10 billion in 2016 to $73.30 billion by 2021. The Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and managed mobility services (MMS) will continue to become more familiar concepts, and the path to their adoption increasingly less convoluted. Here are five trends that will impact enterprise mobility in 2017.

REPORT: State of the CIO 2017
The 16th annual State of the CIO report shows that the life of the dual-role CIO is both more challenging and more rewarding. Read the whole story to know more!

What does a typical day of smartphone use look like?
Nearly half (46%) of Americans say they check their smartphones as soon as they wake up, while they’re still in bed, according to ReportLinker’s survey results.

REPORT: Cloud security
This report is the result of comprehensive research in cooperation with the 250,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn to explore the specific drivers and risk factors of cloud infrastructure, how organizations are using the cloud, whether the promise of the cloud is living up to the hype, and how organizations are responding to the security threats in these environments.

Capterra includes WorksPad in the list of business software solutions
WorksPad gets a place in the list of Capterra’s business software solutions. At the moment, the service offers the most comprehensive list of business software solutions on the web. Leave your feedback concerning WorksPad, and we will send you the exclusive “BYOD in Russia” research. This report reflects the current state of mobility in the biggest Russian companies, the level of mobilization, the most common mobility strategies, and risk factors while using personal devices for accomplishing corporate tasks.

REPORT: The 2016 State of Cloud IT
The 2016 State of Cloud IT Report is the culmination of five months of research and data aggregation from many sources (Gartner, PwC, Google, Microsoft, 1,500 IT professionals, etc.). Through data, the report tells the story of the shift to cloud IT, and how it’s affecting workplaces around the world.

Eight considerations for future proofing your enterprise mobility strategy
Mobility is well on its way to ubiquity in the enterprise. In the next 3 years, 1.75 billion people, or 42 percent of the entire global workforce, will be mobile, according to the analyst firm Strategy Analytics. To add structure to the proliferation of mobility, the majority of organizations, to date, have deployed an enterprise mobility management (EMM) approach to mitigate security vulnerabilities and educate employees on the benefits of performing work on mobile devices.

A call for action — the renaissance of enterprise IT
During the time of transition from industrial-age to digital-age practices, what the business needs most is a renaissance of enterprise IT.

Mobile trends in Asia: What the future holds
As you look at the global business landscape, it’s crucial to keep in mind mobile trends in Asia. Not only are end users in this region becoming increasingly influential, but the trends they’re helping to influence are having a growing impact on the worldwide market. These are trends today’s senior executives would do well to keep in mind as they think about the future of their businesses.

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