Enterprise Mobility Digest: June 2017 | WorksPad

Enterprise Mobility Digest: June 2017

Blog 3 July 2017

What are the key trends in IT today? What the key to enterprise security? Why mobile apps management trumps a traditional BYOD strategy? Check our Enterprise Mobility Digest to find the answers!

2017 Trends Report
Everyone has an opinion on which tech trends are here to transform enterprise mobility and which technologies will fade into obscurity. Enterprise Mobility Exchange asked three technical enterprise leaders to share their views on the impact of trends such as machine learning, augmented reality, connected digital environments and evolving IT infrastructures. Get executive insights from Halliburton, Philips and IDC Research on the top trends to watch in 2017, download your free report now!

SLIDESHOW: Internet Trends 2017
Discover the latest Internet Trends of the year: global trends, online advertising + commerce, interactive games, media, clouds, China and India Internet, healthcare, global public & private Internet companies and much more!

Russian Mobile Market Report 2017
Zorka.Mobi and Adjust pooled their resources to research and study not only general trends of Russia’s mobile market, but also the estimated market size and penetration in terms of its specific features. More importantly, they also estimated its prospects and opportunities.

WorksPad – best of both worlds
MobilityLab LLC is rated as one of 50 Most Valuable Brands of the year 2017 by The Silicon Review Magazine. MobilityLab LLC is ranked by The Silicon Review Magazine based on its product WorksPad, which helps businesses to increase productivity, lower mobility costs, simplify BYOD management and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Helping businesses to transition to a secure and productive mobile working strategy
Implementing the right IT infrastructure and digital skills is key to rolling out a successful remote working strategy.

Why mobile apps management trumps a traditional BYOD strategy
Most employees are happier owning their own mobile devices, but don’t like the idea that their company could wipe all their data. And enterprises often over buy enterprise mobility management (EMM) software, expecting to use licenses for all of their employees. But they end up only using those licenses for a far smaller percentage of workers. A more targeted solution: a mobile applications management-only (MAM) strategy, which locks down enterprise applications and data associated with them, not the devices themselves.

WorksPad 3.5 – special tools for information security and enhanced platform support
MobilityLab LLC presents the most advanced approaches and technologies for the safe mobile work in the corporate network with the new version of the WorksPad solution. WorksPad 3.5 includes new information security tools that reduce the risk of information leakage and support centralized management using administration tools on WorksPad servers.

Gartner 7 Top Security Predictions for 2017
While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) offer endless possibilities for digital business, they also create complexities. The 2017 Gartner security predictions highlight potential business benefits, such as faster, better penetration tests. But they also showcase the potential dangers of automation when it comes to real-life safety incidents. One thing is clear, enterprises need to be prepared for a complex, connected future.

Mobile visibility: the key to enterprise security
In the fast paced modern world, mobile phones are considered invaluable business tools, allowing employees the benefit of flexible working and the ability to stay connected wherever there is a signal. But no benefit comes without risks, and choosing mobile is choosing risk. The good news is, that like any other risk, the mobile risk can be mitigated.

Modern workplace culture is changing: Four ways it’s impacting your company’s network security
The way employees work in today’s tech-driven office has changed significantly over the last few years. Working from home is becoming increasingly common. Cloud applications – Salesforce, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, etc. – are the gold standard because they allow employees to do their jobs from anywhere. And employees are using their own mobile phones and laptops to access work documents and emails remotely. Here are four of the top security issues businesses need to keep in mind in the modern office.

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