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What are global enterprise mobility trends? How to reduce BYOD threats? What to consider in developing  BYOD policy? Check our Enterprise Mobility Digest to find the answers!

Global enterprise mobility trends in 2017
Now that we all have our feet firmly on the ground for 2017, we can begin to traverse the new mobility landscape. There are a few trends we’ll see this year that haven’t been on anyone’s radar before. While some trends have a niche-level impact, things like security, bring your own device (BYOD), and mobile data networks affect enterprises worldwide. Here’s how this year’s trends will impact the global enterprise mobility landscape.

RESEARCH: BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policy
This policy outlines requirements for BYOD usage and establishes the steps that both users and the IT department should follow to initialize, support, and remove devices from company access. These requirements must be followed as documented to protect company systems and data from unauthorized access or misuse.

Risky business: Personal file-sharing apps use at work
The unauthorised use of personal file-sharing apps at work is a growing problem that can no longer be swept under the rug and ignored. On one hand these services, such as Dropbox and Google G Suite, can help employees to collaborate and share information. On the other, they often lack adequate security controls. That means countless numbers of employees around the world who share company information through such platforms are inadvertently putting their organisations at risk of information security breaches and data loss.

10 ways to reduce insider BYOD threats
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement brought massive cost savings, user flexibility and a better range of device choices. But it also made life tougher for IT pros in the way of greater support headaches and security concerns. Security requirements don’t change, regardless of who owns the device or what operating system it runs. Employees benefit by using their own devices for work, but there can be security risks as well. Here are some ways to control or reduce these threats.

The new version of the enterprise mobile workplace WorksPad
The abilities of the solution break into the new world of convenience and productivity with new email features. WorksPad functions were extended with push notifications. At the same time, iOS version includes some more functions: forward email with automatic attachments download, attach several files from different corporate resources simultaneously, display the status of the operation performed with the letter.

What to consider in developing BYOD policy
In today’s work environment, employees are increasingly expected to be constantly available and communicating. Regardless of whether the company permits it, employees will use their personal devices for work. Instead of ignoring the inevitable, companies should develop and implement a BYOD policy that protects the company and balances productivity with security.

A Study of Enterprise Mobile App User Experience
Many top companies today are providing employees with mobile apps to improve how they do their jobs. But many times, those company-issued apps fail when it comes to delivering the type of great user experience we’re used to with the apps we download from the public app stores. In this quantitative study, ArcTouch surveys office workers to understand how apps in the workplace perform when it comes to user experience, and where they fall short.

IDC Worldwide Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide
According to the recently issued Worldwide Semiannual Mobility Spending Guide, International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts a stable consumer and enterprise mobility market in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region over the 2016-2020 period. Total CEE market revenue is expected to increase from $60.9 billion in 2016 to $64.7 in 2020, reflecting a 1.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

WorksPad is listed in online catalog for bpm’online
WorksPad is available on the Marketplace in online catalog of add-ons and partner solutions for bpm’online. “For us as a developer company working on the enterprise mobility market is very important and valuable to be a bpm’online partner, – says Sergey Makaryin, Director of Business Development at MobilityLab LLC. – We are sure that publishing WorksPad in our partner’s catalog will make the solution more accessible for bpm’online clients as well”.

29 #InfoSec Influencers You Should be Following in 2017
Staying on top of the latest industry news and trends is a big part of the job for any InfoSec pro, and Twitter is a great resource, but with 243 million active users, it can be difficult to parse the good from the bad. Lucky for you, Solutions Review combed through the Twittersphere and pulled the top 21 influencers and thought leaders in the InfoSec Twittersphere, presented here in no particular order.

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