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How to hold a meeting with a benefit to your career

Blog 21 April 2017

Each of us at least once in a lifetime execrates long, tiresome and useless meeting that lasts for hours. However, if to approach the question thoughtfully, you can work the situation to the benefit and gain some points. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules.

Screen down your phone
Modern business etiquette allows you to give a quick glance at the text message, reject the incoming call or leave the room for a quick and quite urgent call. Everything else is strictly forbidden under the risk of career downshifting – from the project manager to the photocopying manager or an honorable and respected by every one position of the “first on dismissal”. If everybody loves you and turns a blind eye to your cheerful web surfing during an important discussion, congrats! – you’ve already taken the position.

Know your place
Don’t lead the meeting – it’s your boss prerogative. Trying to “steer” the meeting, you encroach on the rights of your chief and the freedom of your colleagues. There is nothing worse than the guy who sets tasks for his fellow colleagues. Even the innocent words like “we’re on this task with Mary, and she’s ready to tell you all about it” will cause an act of joy neither from Mary nor from your managers. It’s a way better to say something like “this project is being realized with the marketing department…”, make a pause and wait for Mary to join the discussion. Or not to join. But it will not be your problem.

Watch the body language – both your own and your colleagues
Any meeting is a poker game, just without cards. Watch the speakers’ behavior. Remember – face and gestures often reflect people thoughts better than the words. Pleasant side effect – you’ll be facing the speaker, which will show yourself as a polite and considerate person. There is no stronger insult than to turn away from the one who talks. If the meeting topic is boring, watch you fellows – how they behave and what they worth.

Make the notes
Some of us prefer to fix everything on the phone or a tablet, but to onlookers, it looks like you’re surfing the web. Take a notebook, a pen and concentrate on making the notes. Outline! If the idea is good, it’s worth to be fixed, if not – even better! You have no idea who and when you’ll confront in a while. A worthy outline will make you invincible ‘cause you’ll be three steps ahead. And more – if someone is messing with you, the best way to withstand it is making notes calmly. Most of the aggressors lose courage. Verified!

Curb your tongue
To look clever and productive employee, it’s enough to listen carefully and write down actively. Don’t interrupt, argue or talk too much. The main thing is to show that you’re up to speed. It’s better to be asked than to be shut up. Let everybody know that you speak little but on business.

Don’t keep silence
There’s no any contradiction with the previous paragraph! If you were given a word or you took it over from the too talkative colleague, who has just won a prescheduled dismissal with a broken parachute, it’s deadly important to make a good impression. Prepared speech is not the best option (the subject and some facts can change during the meeting), but the good live speech on the actual theme. So go back to the previous paragraph and make the notes! The good final speech is the one that reflects and generalizes the ideas discussed at the event.

Show your communication skills
The meeting is a great opportunity to show your communication skills that tend to be very important in the modern business world. Take it as ‘internal negotiations’, it’ll help you to choose the right way to talk, behave, gesticulate in order to deliver your bright ideas to masses. At the meeting, you are a diplomat, and the subject of negotiations is the freedom and independence of your own private corporate territory.

Show yourself from the best side
Many talented managers didn’t take it into account and harmed themselves badly. Don’t show yourself bored and sad while going to the meeting room. Don’t laugh too loud over the new memes and jokes or make compliments to pretty colleagues. Don’t make a wry face. The meeting is a sort of talent show held by management at least once in a while.

Come with all materials
Be ready to show the necessary slide or open the needed doc. But how to do it right? Walk around with a heap of paper or a laptop? Not anymore. Just bring your mobile device with WorksPad – a cross-platform solution for tablets and smartphones that combines the most necessary instruments for everyday work in one single app. This mobile app includes email, calendar, file sync and share, built-in-editor, integrated Internet/Intranet browser and more. All docs are synchronized automatically, so you don’t have to think what you’ve copied and you’ve not.

WorksPad is the great way to show that you’re a valuable employee who is abreast of everything concerning the company and business questions. Try WorksPad, and let the meetings bring you to the top of the career pyramid.

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