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Easy Administrative Control and Management

Management tools

WorksPad gives system administrators a full set of web-based tools to manage:
Groups of users
Policy profiles
Shared file resources like Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries

The Management Console provides a graphical monitoring dashboard and access to the full log of user access errors (like authorization), system errors and user operations.

On-premise deployment architecture

WorksPad Server provides a secure and scalable enterprise file exchange infrastructure for on-premises deployment within the enterprise landscape. Multi-component distributed architecture and stateless message-based communications among mobile clients and server components gives a huge potential for horizontal scalability with network load balancing tools.

Enterprise grade server capabilities

Active Directory integration for user import and authentication of operations
Multi-level authorization of users and their devices on the WorksPad server with AD
Impersonated access to file resources with automatic application of resources’ original user access rights,
Multiple groups support for users with multiplication of user privileges across the system
Linking of groups with registered file resources
Log of user access errors, system errors and all user operations HTTPS as a default transport in all mobile clients, server components and resources access communications
Distribution of server components in intranet and DMZ if required

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