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Easy Mobile Sync and Sharing

Cross platform direct file and screen sharing

WorksPad Direct Screen & File Sharing™ supports new collaboration scenarios of corporate tablet users and provides easy and secure document sharing between meetings or conference participants in real time.

WorksPad Direct Screen & File Sharing™ enable mobile workers to use Wi-Fi network (external or running on a mobile device) anywhere and at any time for instant and secure “dropping” and demonstration of files to each other in secure way.

File version reconciliation

WorksPad provides users smart logic and flexibility to identify and choose the right version of file in case of making changes from many devices. WorksPad clients indicates the latest file changes and compare device version with another one saved on the server. User can clone current local file and download the latest one from server if desired. In any case pop-up menu called by touch on special indication allow to download or upload appropriate version.

PC Agent for users files sync

WorksPad gives users a modern PC Agent infrastructure for easy and familiar exchange of corporate files with tablets via a special personalized resource named FileBox. The Agent can synchronize files automatically with the Server each X minutes (5 min by default) or the user can explicitly run the synchronization process.

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