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What’s next for Enterprise Mobility? What are the benefits of As-a-Service Models? What are top trends for CIOs in 2017? Check our Enterprise Mobility Digest to find the answers!

Top trends for CIOs in 2017
In 2017 new emerging technologies will be implemented raising new opportunities and challenges. IoT, Geo-fencing, AI and the Digital Experience will be at the top of CIO’s agendas, while at the same time there will be a movement back to classic development methodologies, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), to enable extensive integration across systems and consistency across delivery platforms. Here are 8 key trends we see on the horizon for 2017.

What’s Next For Enterprise Mobility?
2016 was a huge year for enterprise mobility, with more and more businesses embracing mobile-centric strategies. It’s clear for all to see that this trend isn’t going anywhere, but the question many organisations are all facing is ‘where is it going to take us?’ Innovation in the enterprise will accelerate even faster this year, with Gartner forecasting that by 2022, 70 percent of all software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices.

Enterprise cloud storage: usage and trends
According to the report, enterprise cloud service usage continues to rise, and despite the best efforts of IT, unsanctioned cloud service usage remains a problem as half of all users of sanctioned cloud storage services also have a personal instance of the same cloud service. As the deadline for compliance approaches, the report put these results in the context of the impending European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

VDC View: Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices
The overall Enterprise Mobility opportunity remains strong. However, as mobile hardware innovation slows – prolonging mobile replacement cycles – investment emphasis among enterprise decision makers is shifting. In 2017 organizations will be particularly focused on what their investments in mobile solutions are enabling in terms of a more connected and collaborative workforce and their migration to more digital services. Written for senior enterprise mobility technology executives, VDC Views provide ongoing insight into key trends impacting the enterprise mobility market.

Enterprise Mobility 2017: Forecasts
We conducted a series of researches and found out the most actual enterprise mobility trends for 2017. Read more on our blog.

The CSO guide to top security conferences
There is nothing like attending a face-to-face event for career networking and knowledge gathering, and we don’t have to tell you how helpful it can be to get a hands-on demo of a new tool or to have your questions answered by experts. From major events to those that are more narrowly focused, this list from the editors of CSO, will help you find the security conferences that matter the most to you.

Flexible working – a trend which is set to grow in 2017
Flexible working is now firmly on the agenda for both businesses and workers. In 2016 there was a big increase in the number of businesses that offer flexible working. Already 75% of companies worldwide provide staff with the option to vary their hours and work from home. A flexible working system may save your organisation money but proper guidelines should be set in place before doing so.

WorksPad conquers new markets
Director of Business Development of MobilityLab LLC Sergei Makarin gave an exclusive interview to Sputnik Korea. The main theme was the perspective of technological cooperation between Russia, Korea, and Japan. Know Korean? Read interview on the website!

Benefits of As-a-Service Models for Branch Infrastructure
As an alternative to traditional capex financial models, many consumer-facing organizations with multiple branches or sites have started analyzing as-a-service models for deploying and supporting various technology solutions in their stores. Several drivers make these models attractive, including: moving from capex to opex; faster time to market; improved ongoing support; easier to deploy new technology. This whitepaper will discuss each of these drivers and key considerations to keep in mind when selecting an as-a-service solution provider.

Enterprise storage in 2017: trends and challenges
Information Age previews the storage landscape in 2017 – from the technologies that businesses will implement to the new challenges they will face.

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