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Enterprise Mobility 2017: Forecasts

Blog 15 January 2017

Mobility became a usual thing in the everyday life. The gap between owners of expensive and inexpensive devices is not so huge as some years ago, and there is not a big difference what device is used for sharing the information.

Elite of mobility or why innovations can‘t be stopped

The elite of mobility is no longer a person with the newest Apple or any other prestige device, but a person with the ability to share one‘s own quality content. The main things that are valued today are the intellectual level, the depth of content, and the ability to use mobile resources to achieve the goals: reputation, recognition, money, relationships and more.

Both ordinary manager, spending his day and night on the phone, and a business owner, responsible for his employees, use the same schemes for sharing the information. And both of them are sure that his own phone is his own business. At the same time, an employee uses the phone to email his boss about the salary and bills, while business owner cheсks his corporate email and works with confidential information on the way to the business meeting, using standard mobile device capabilities. Therefore, it‘s not only about losing savings, simply forgetting to lock the phone, or causing a serious loss, sending a letter from or to the wrong address, it‘s more about separation of personal and corporate, convenient and secure.

Now, let‘s go to the forecasts based on our researches and interviews held with the market leaders.

Security First

Even without referring to the numerous studies conducted by respected companies, every specialist familiar with mobility implementation knows that mobile devices especially BYOD owned are very vulnerable. These devices can be hacked at any moment, and the only question is the price.

In 2017, the number of threats will grow. Besides cyber fraud and ransomware, social engineering is going to be one of the most powerful threats of the year. Companies still can‘t clearly separate personal and corporate usage of mobile devices for their employees, and people, on purpose or accidentally, can break any restrictions.

New standards

The new standards of mobility will appear as an answer to the growing number of branches and employees working out of the office. Another reason is new projects based on products designed for different companies. These projects are already on the stage of development and implementation, and perhaps they will encourage business and corporations to use integrated solutions. The spreading of mobility will lead customers to a certain transformation, including the area of policies and restrictions, as well as working with employees.

Mobility will bring money

The existing solutions are quite young, they haven‘t reached their client yet. The end of 2016 shows that 2017 can become the turning point for vendors and their partners who will begin receiving their dividends both in the domestic market and worldwide.

New coalitions

Probably, the experience of implementing integrated solutions combining convenience, mobility, control and security will lead to new alliances what will help in market growth. The suggestions about such alliances are still early to be made, but it‘s clear that it‘s just the matter of time, and the time has come.

Mobility becomes elite

Companies and corporations will begin to take mobility seriously, as the environment to build new approaches and measurement units.

2017. Innovations are already here

Changes in the field of mobility are inevitable and necessary. Even today, the market is full of solutions that promise to become a breakthrough. Probably, in 2017 someone will break forth.

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