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The original edition of WorksPad contains the full product functionality and enterprise-grade security capabilities. WorksPad application is available for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones. Web clients are available for any HTML 5 browsers on any platform like PC, Mac, and Linux.

WorksPad for Service Providers

WorksPad for Service Providers is a multi-tenant cloud version of WorksPad. WorksPad for Service Providers conforms to the strict information security requirements that call for total isolation of client companies’ settings and information processed at data centers.

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WorksPad for Citrix

Edition for Citrix  is integrated with Citrix XenMobile / Worx platform, verified as Citrix Ready Worx and officially published in Citrix Worx App Gallery as an enterprise mobile application for iOS.

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WorksPad for MobileIron

This special edition is deeply integrated with the MobileIron SDK (AppConnect). It can be deployed and managed by the MobileIron platform. WorksPad for MobileIron natively supports all of the key AppConnect SDK for iOS capabilities.


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