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Q: What should I do if I want to use WorksPad?
A: Download an app from Google Play or App Store and contact us. We will organize a free demo access, and you will see how great WorksPad is.

Q: What are minimum technical requirements for WorksPad?
A: You need iOS 8, Android 4.1 or later on the smartphone or a tablet. If your device supports proper OS version, WorksPad will work well on it, except Android mobile devices that work on Intel Atom chip.

Q: How does WorksPad solve conflicts among different file versions during collaboration?
A: WorksPad indicates different versions with a special warning sign, so you choose which version to prefer. Except this, a user can compare changes manually using the special multiscreen interface or save the file with another name.

Q: Is there an option for creating external links for external stakeholders?
A: Yes, it can be done using a web-client. You choose any number of files you need, archive them and publish a link that can have certain restrictions: number of downloads, time of existence or password. Restrictions can be combined.


Q: How many files can be attached to a letter?
A: Any number. WorksPad never limits the number of files that can be attached to a letter.

Q: Files from what sources can be emailed via WorksPad?
A: You can attach files from Windows Shared Folders, Windows SharePoint, your PC, and files created with WorksPad, that are located in LocalBox. Before attaching a file from an external source it has to be downloaded.


Q: Where can I download WorksPad Agent?
A: WorksPad Agent distributive is kept on the User Portal, in Client applications section.

Q: WorksPad Agent found a conflict during synch. What should I do?
A: Click on the icon and open Settings ->Conflicts menu. Choose “Upload” if you want to send the changes you’ve made on your PC to the server or “Dowload” if you want to receive data from server.


Q: WorksPad claims that it separates private information from corporate and keeps corporate information inside protected perimeter. How does it do that?
A: There is a certain amount of capabilities that protect corporate data:
• corporate content is kept inside the app container, and no app except WorksPad can access this data;
• photos shot with WorksPad cannot be managed via standard iOS or Android apps, they are kept inside WorksPad container or in the corporate source;
• all corporate e-mails are sent only through corporate e-mail server;
• WorksPad works only with documents from corporate sources, office PC or local ones;
• Open-In / Open With another app ability is regulated via security policies;
• The admin can use remote wipe to delete all corporate data from the device if it was stolen or the member of the working team has left the company.

Q: What type of encryption is used in WorksPad?
A: We use HTTPS for connection between the client and the server. All data is encrypted via mobile OS.

Q: Is it necessary to use any certificates (for iOS, for example)?
A: It’s not necessary. We recommend using HTTPS certificates on the server side (Microsoft IIS).

Q: Is it possible to send the file that was received from the server using WorksPad via personal e-mail?
A: All docs that were brought to your device via WorksPad are kept inside the app container. The security policies allow or forbid Open-In / Open with another app, so if the security policies forbid Open-In / Open with, you can’t send corporate files via personal e-mail.

Q: Is it possible to use AirDrop?
A: It depends on the security policies. It’s impossible, if it is forbidden by the system administrator.

Q: What will happen to corporate data if the device is stolen or the member of the working team left the company?
A: The admin can use remote wipe to delete all corporate data from the device if it was stolen or the member of the working team left the company. After getting a notification that somebody is trying to log in WorksPad, the server will command to destroy the app container. All corporate data will be deleted, but no personal data will be damaged.


Q: Is WorksPad on-premises or cloud solution?
A: You can use WorksPad the way you need, like on-premises or SaaS solution. In the first case, the server part is deployed inside the perimeter of your organization and there’s no need for any additional, cloud connections. In another case, you use WorksPad as a service from the cloud (or hybrid cloud).  It’s possible to choose any model you need.

Q: What OS is needed for WorksPad server side?
A: WorksPad server side works under Windows Server 2008 R2.

Q: What e-mail servers does WorksPad support?
A: WorksPad supports Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365.

Q: What is the maximum file size supported by WorksPad?
A: Maximum file size is 2 GB.

Q: Does WorksPad support IMAP or POP3?
A: WorksPad doesn’t need IMAP, POP3 or ActiveSync.

Q: Is there any opened WorksPad API?
A: Not yet. But we plan it in the near future.


Q: Is WorksPad compatible with MDM solutions?
A: WorksPad is complimentary for MDM solutions.

Q: Is in necessary to use MDM?
A: No, WorksPad doesn’t require any MDM. WorksPad security policies greatly decrease the risks of data leakage itself. For even better results it’s possible to use WorksPad over Citrix, Good, Symantec, Mobileiron MAM solutions. You can download a special version for Citrix, Good, Symantec, MobileIron from App Store, Google Play or the vendors’ marketplaces. All special versions of WorksPad were certified and approved by vendors.

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