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Enhanced Productivity

WorksPad turns iPad, iPhone and Android devices into functional enterprise mobile workplaces, providing business users with a wide range of capabilities, user-friendly interface, and enterprise-grade security in single app for iOS and Android. File manager, access to corporate files, mails, calendar, address book, full function document editor, innovative collaboration tools are all integrated in a single app to optimize cross-functional scenarios and navigation. The unique multiscreen interface allows working simultaneously with a number of files and mails, just like on your favorite PCs.

BYOD and COPE Concept Support

The demarcation of work and personal space on a single mobile device crucial for companies who want to give their workers the option of using either their own devices for business purposes (BYOD) or company-owned devices, enabled for the personal use (COPE). WorksPad provides a container to prevent content distribution outside of the corporate workspace that keeps  corporate and personal data completely separate.

Just-in-Time Collaboration

WorksPad offers an innovative approach to conduct business meetings using various devices. After taking notes, carrying calculations or making photos you can easily exchange files across devices and operating systems – be that an iOS, Android or Windows device – on the same Wi-Fi/LAN network. WorksPad also features a special presentation mode for iPad, Android and Windows PC that provides business users with cross-devices screen sharing.

Enterprise-grade Security

WorksPad server components are deployed within the corporate network with possible distribution of access and processing components in the DMZ and Intranet. This solution integrates into the corporate technological landscape, responding to corporate IT and information security requirements: on-premise server infrastructure, user authentication with Active Directory, HTTPS for communication between clients and server. At the other end of the spectrum, WorksPad integrates with a wide range of EMM systems, including Citrix, Good Technology, Symantec, IBM, and MobileIron.

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WorksPad is the real next generation of enterprise mobility solution with the key integrated productivity functions – file management, document editing and corporate email client – in one app. Watch more videos on our official YouTube channel.

The research work is supported by Skolkovo Foundation

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