WorksPad Datasheet
WorksPad turns iPad, iPhone and Android devices into functional enterprise mobile workplaces, providing business users with a wide range of capabilities, user-friendly interface, and enterprise-grade security.
WorksPad Feature List
Explore the main features of WorksPad solution.
How WorksPad helps with GDPR Compliance
With the all-in-one approach, WorksPad inherently implements the need to keep personal and business data separately. WorksPad stores all business data in one encrypted container and hence there's a definite split between personal and business data stored on a mobile device.
WorksPad – making mobility safe
As more and more personal mobile devices get introduced to the company network, the challenge of data security rises. Ensure the confidentiality of corporate data and bring enterprise level productivity and access to employee mobile devices.
Brochure "5 unique business capabilities of WorksPad"
Tablets and smartphones have become integral to our lives, yet the use of mobile devices for corporate needs involving access to the enterprise information system has been both really difficult and unsafe until quite recently. WorksPad will turn your devices into a full-blown enterprise mobile workplace by implementing five unique business capabilities.
Let your team explore the full power of integrated enterprise mobile workplace in action!