New platform of corporate chat bots and micro-applications.
New corporate mobile workplace WorksPad X

2019 – MobilitiLab LLC announces development plans for a mobile workplace of WorksPad, including support of the Russian mobile OS the Sailfish/Aurora and the new development platform for development and integration of applications of chat bots and microapplications.

"Problems of digitalization of business processes and safe mobile work of staff of the companies and government employees of all levels are crucial, – explains Sergey Orlik, MobilityLab LLC CEO and the co-founder. – Increase in efficiency of daily work, often measured in minutes for an individual employee, keeps many millions in organization. The efficiency of paperless working off of business processes which is inconceivable without mobile technologies today gives effect in tens and hundreds of millions for the enterprises"..

"The solution of practical questions of information security of mobile work of employees and government employees is particularly acute for the companies and the state organizations, including authorities, – said " Sergey Makaryin MobilityLab LLC Co-founder and director of business development. – " Full mobile work demands today, but not in three-year prospect, to solve two absolutely connected problems – first, to provide quick mobile access to corporate documents and systems and, secondly, it is safe to do it".

"To us as to the developer of the corporate mobile operating system participation in our ecosystem of the companies which already proved in the market of corporate mobility is very important. Interaction with such partners – one of the key directions of our work, – said Pavel Eyges, Open Mobile Platform company CEO. –WorksPad by Mobilitilab LLC company considerably will expand an ecosystem of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS and will provide our users with effective tool for safe and productive work".

The new mobile client of WorksPad for the Russian mobile OS

MobilitiLab LLC announces the official protected support of Sailfish Mobile OS RUS and the new mobile client of WorksPad for Sailfish. This first corporate application on the platform created using Python. Technological cooperation of Mobilitilab and Open Mobile Platform companies opens new opportunities solution of problems of digitalization. The first version of WorksPad for Sailfish is planned to release in the third quarter 2019 and will be able to work in two modes: 1) an independent file manager for a mobile platform with basic functions of file management on the mobile device; 2) the standard WorksPad server with secure access to internal file resources and libraries and documents synchronization between working PCs and mobile devices".The new version 3.6 for iOS adds the ability to work with attachments in the form of emails (in formats .eml and .msg).

This can be very useful if you need to share with someone a complete history of correspondence in which there was more than one branch of conversations. You select in Outlook all the emails you need and send them as attachments within a new email.

The recipient (it can be you) of such an email in WorksPad can perform the same operations as with ordinary emails, in particular, it can be sent with the inclusion of all or selected attached emails. Attached emails, in a turn, may contain attachments.

With the attached email itself, you can perform the same operations as with ordinary emails: reply, forward, add attachments.

Like any other attachment, an attached email can be saved in the file Manager – on the device, in a folder synchronized with the PC, or in the corporate document storage – directly from the email-"container". To do this, place and hold your finger on the attachment name to open the context menu.

Storage of emails in the form of files is very convenient if you need to save the history of correspondence on a specific issue (record management) in a compact and easily accessible form. Saved as files emails can be add is attachments to new emails created in WorksPad.

New generation of WorksPad X for Android and iOS mobile clients

WorksPad X provides the absolutely new user experience and patent UI for tablets and smartphones.

WorksPad X clients functions:

Classic: mail, contacts, calendars, files/documents, browser

New: integrated client of chat bots and micro-applications

Supported mail platfoms – Microsoft Exchange and CommuniGate Pro.